Secure Bar Holder 3 inch LONG BOLT (width of two 2×4) with nut, washer, and lock washer



IF you use your 2×4 bar holder kit to open and close your shed OFTEN, you might find that wood screws will slowly back out.

Or you might want to “run up” the difficulty level to get your shed open, one more step.

Bolts are much, much harder to pull out than screws so even if someone uses a big crowbar they can’t get these out.

Even when I found these bolts online, which wasn’t perfectly easy, they were a little bit expensive. But if you know your shed is tougher and it is important to you, I offer these just for you.

You will order a single bolt, nut, washer, and lock washer for each item. If you want bolts for an entire kit you would order TEN (x10) of them. You still need screws for the locking bar holder that attaches to the 2×4 bar itself.

How many bolts should I order (cheat sheet list)?

  • For a kit – order 10 (you still need screws for the locking tab that fastens to the 2×4 bar)
  • For a 2×4 open bar holder – order 2 PER EACH open bar holder
  • For a 2×4 closed bar holder – order 4 PER EACH closed bar holder


  • You will need to drill holes for the bolts in your shed at the appropriate spots.
  • If the bolt is too long, you can cut AFTER the nut is installed to keep it short. File the bolt down a little to eliminate sharp edges.
  • If you are worried about the washer I provide being too small, you can add a bigger washer to the “stack of washers”.
  • 2×4 are 1.5 inches thick. This bolt can do a MAXIMUM of TWO 2×4 thicknesses with no room to spare at all.

Additional information

Weight 0.0625 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 0.1 × 0.1 in


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