2×4 Heavy Duty Bar Holder for Door Security Barricade with Open Top Slim Mount Galvanized


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If you love the idea of a powerful 2×4 bar held up by “bar holders” – the metal brackets that hold a 2×4 bar to keep a door or gate shut and make it harder for thieves to break into, then this bar holder is exactly what you might need!

This bar holder is a HEAVY DUTY upgrade to the 2×4 secure bar holders that were invented by SecureBarHolder.com. Some customers wanted heavier metal and the ability to put bigger screws (#12 instead of #8), and MORE screws.

These secure bar holders would replace bigger and less elegant looking 2×4 bar holder hardware by taking 1/2 the space and hiding unsightly screw heads. These are especially useful for securing double swinging gates or doors without having complex latches.


  • Increase home and apartment safety by securing the front door with this night protection brace.
  • Secure outdoor latch for a shed or barn
  • secure outdoor latch for a gate, especially 2 part swinging gates where you can’t have a center post
  • Use to create a panic room in your house or to secure your house better than a regular lock/deadbolt. (how? because it makes any intruder force be spread across the whole door instead of concentrated on the normal device lock.)
  • Use to create removable 2×4 sections in fences for horses and cattle that are hard for the animals to knock free. Do this by using the screw holes in the bracket to put in security holes.
  • The other (non-heavy-duty) have been used by several customers to secure windows and doors with plywood and 2×4 so that the hurricanes and tropical storm winds could not vibrate loose brackets.

Construction: 0.138 inch Galvanized steel ready for painting or simply leave unpainted since galvanized is very rust resistant. 0.138 is the next step up from 1/8 inch.

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Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in



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