2×4 Bar Holder Bracket Open Top for Door Barricade, Fence, Barn, or Shed


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This 2×4 Bar holder is different from what you might find in Lowes and Home Depot because you can install this bar holder on a SINGLE width of a 2×4!

Most of the 2×4 bar holders I have seen other bar holders that require a width of at least a 2×6 or 2×8 to install correctly.

The compact installation width of this 2×4 bar holder ( Soporte de barra 2×4 ) helps to keep your front door (barra de seguridad de la puerta delantera), fence, gates and barns looking neat as a pin.


  • Secure outdoor latch for a shed, barn, gate, garden
  • Compare to the much larger Chinese made National Hardware N100-792 or N351-503
  • Compare to the much larger Chinese made Stanley Hardware 235309
  • secure outdoor latch for a gate
  • You could make sections of a fence reconfigurable/removable by using these 2×4 bar holders. By putting screws in the bigger holes your horses/cattle would not be able to push the 2×4 out!
  • Storm shutter keeper or Storm shutter protector –
    • put 2×4 bar over your shutters when closed and put a screw through the hole to withstand the worst of storms.
    • A hurricane or tropical storm can VIBRATE boards loose with its wind. So you need to put keeper screws in through the big holes into the 2×4 and that will keep it from vibrating out.
    • For protecting your house’s windows and doors from hurricane or tropical storm winds, you would put these 2×4 bar holder brackets in place, then put up plywood covering what you want to protect, then put a 2×4 across to hold in place. You can even put a bracket at the bottom of the plywood to rest on as well.
  • Use to create a panic room in your house or to secure your house better than a regular lock/deadbolt.
    • (how? because it makes people’s kicking force be spread across the whole door instead of concentrated on the normal lock.)
    • Door barricade can work even if door opens OUT – by putting bar holder bracket on the DOOR and not the door frame!

Another great use of this bar holder is for fastening shutters in place for hurricanes or storms. You could also use to place plywood over your shutters using these 2×4 bar holders. With the holes you can fasten in screws so the hurricane or tropical storm winds can’t vibrate the wood or 2×4 bar out of the holder.

When using this bar holder in conjunction with its companion SECURE bar holder, where I’ve added a locking tab you can make very secure and lockable combinations.

The primary features of this open 2×4 bar holder are:

  • 1/8 inch galvanized steel *OR* painted construction
  • Compact design – only requires a single 2×4 wide to mount upon
  • Hidden screws – they go UNDER the bar!
  • 100% made in America. To be specific, made in Texas.
  • If you buy the “RAW” version you can paint it yourself (not hard but my powder coat is better.)
  • The painted versions are powder coated.
  • NOTE: If you want a custom color, please contact me.


Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in


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