2×4 BAR HOLDER Barricade KIT for Shed, Barn, or Gate Security – Lockable


This kit replaces all the latches on your 2 door shed or barn with a 2×4 bar (wood) and allows you to add a padlock. Much easier and less error/failure prone than latches and harder to break. Weatherproof.

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If you love the idea of “bar holders” – the metal brackets that hold a 2×4 bar to keep a door or gate shut, BUT you wanted to lock the gate and make it harder for thieves to break into, then the bar holder is exactly what you might need!

These would replace complex and ineffective barn latches, barn gate mechanisms, or other simple padlocking mechanisms. You can use this on outdoor sheds too.
What comes in the kit:
* 1 open bar holder – by having an open bar holder you can remove the bar as well as it will support the bar when open.
* 2 closed bar holders with tab or hasp for padlock. The padlock hole is 3/8″. This should accommodate a standard Masterlock padlock.
* You choose the color (see the selector guide)
* Use on garbage cans to make a bear proof or bear resistant garbage container. You can fasten these with bolts. If your bear can break bolts and a 2×4, then you have an awesome bear. You should move!
* Secure outdoor latch for a shed, barn, gate, or garden
* Use to secure your animals from being stolen by having more than just a bar holder
* Use to create a panic room in your house or to secure your house better than a regular lock/deadbolt. (how? because it makes people’s kicking force be spread across the whole door instead of concentrated on the normal lock.)
* 1/8″ inch galvanized steel *OR* powder coated over galvanized steel.
* If you want a custom color contact me.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in