Washcloth or Scrunchy Hook for POP Sanitaryware Shower Faucets


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See the pictures. All you have to do is slide this hook OVER the faucet, slide on the POP faceplate and fasten the POP handle are you are done.

I developed this because I swapped from a shower with a hand-sprayer to a simple shower. That left behind a very difficult to fix hole in my shower surround.

I ended up purchasing the POP Shower Faucet from Amazon because the ratings were high and the price was reasonable. This was for a short term rental.

So I created this device which is sized EXACTLY for the POP shower faucet to cover the hole AND add a handy washcloth holder.

Some notable features:

  • Made from PET-G plastic
  • Has a handy ridge that helps the POP Sanitaryware Shower Faucet faceplate fit perfectly
  • Slips over the POP Sanitaryware Shower Faucet Valve assembly snugly and easily
  • Great big hook for scrunchies and washclothes! Much better than suction cup stuff

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 1 in



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