Square Reader Holder for Drive Thru and Non-Contact Usage


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Make using the square reader easy to use for drive thru windows. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a nice Square Reader Handle or Holder to make holding out a drive thru window easy?

It is VERY difficult to use the square reader out a drive thru window. Yet the Square Reader has amazing capability that is incredible – it reads credit cards *AND* it can accept touchless payments.
Wouldn’t it be great to use this at your drive-thru window?
Now you can. Just put the square reader in the holder handle and shazzam – it makes using it MUCH MUCH easier.
It even has a little slot you can snap the cord into if you want to keep the reader plugged into a charger.
  • Cutout window so you can see the green lights
  • Environmentally friendly bioplastic
  • Smudge and fingerprint resistant textured surface
  • Nice big hole for hanging or a keeper rope
  • Super great fit for the square reader
  • Nice big comfy slot for the charging cable end that goes into the square reader
  • Cutout on the bottom to help with keeping the square reader cool with a long life
  • Holder over the top of the square reader to keep it in place
  • Slot along side of unit to run the able to keep cord tucked nicely
  • Well sized unit that fits a hand really nicely
  • Front of the holder helps the credit card find its slot in the reader
  • Super lightweight
  • Made in USA – TEXAS to be exact.
  • Reduce wear and tear on your employees backs
  • Reduce fatigue on employees by reducing reaching and allowing single hand usage
  • Reduce/eliminate dropping the square on the pavement
  • Look professional instead of silly – see the picture
  • Enhance social distancing for many many great reasons.
  • Enable easily NFC/wireless payments in your drive thru
  • Enable easily chip card payments WITHOUT touching customer credit cards.
  • Reduce legal and theft risk/claims by NEVER touching your customers credit cards


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