QR Code Drink Coaster to Help You Get More Sales


Put a QR code directing customers to YOUR products on a neat plastic coaster!

IF you’ve ordered this before then just give us the prior order number. Then you only have to pay the normal QR Coaster piece price.


URL of Amazon Page, eBay Page, Walmart page *

URL of PAGE other than Amazon, eBay, and Walmart (+$3.50) *

URL of Logo to put in the center of the coaster

This logo should be simple and relatively free of fine detail. See examples. A logo is not required but HIGHLY recommended.

Pixel Shape *

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*** NOTE: Any logos seen here are ONLY by way of example. These logos are not for sale and are only to show you what is possible ***

If you sell food & beverage products on the internet and would like a technique to get more sales, then this QR Coaster might be exactly what you need.

Imagine the thrill of customers when receiving such a unique product! They will simply love this coaster and even better they can use it to remember how to order your product.

  • What is the QR Code Coaster?
    • It is a plastic drink coaster with a QR code that when scanned sends users to a web page to purchase. This is VERY close to the idea of the Amazon Dash Button, but for the common person.
    • SIZE: 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches x 0.2 inches
      • This unit is a one time creation fee: see price.
      • Each unit of a QR code going through your own site w/o affiliate: $4.99
    • The QR code does not have TOO MANY pixels because I will send it through my shortener site (https://rv52.com). This is a requirement for this coaster.
    • To defer my hosting costs and my cheap MFG of your custom super cool plastic coaster, you must provide me a way to use a coupon code or go through an affiliate program which you will approve. Note: I really like Amazon. 🙂
    • If you send a logo to me, we may need to do some work/negotiation on what can be printed. Small details are not really easy to print.
    • You agree to allow me to create “stock” coasters from your coaster design after you buy from me. This should be good for you as it should always help your business. The main reason for this is that it will make it easy for you to reorder. Or if you don’t let me do this, you’ll pay the QR code creation fee every time.
    • We’ll make one of these FIRST, then you can order as many as you want once you are happy with this and have seen the first copy which I’ll send to you via Priority Mail.

It is EASY to get started, just start checking on the options!


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