NetVox Door Sensor R313A Mounting Bracket (3 Sets)


Netvox R313A Mounting bracket for the Netvox Door Window Sensor which only comes with sticky tape. Screw placement and holder tab placement allows for large gaps for better sensing. Comes in a 3-pack of sensor sets.

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This R313A Mounting Bracket is for the Netvox 313A Door and Window Sensor which only comes with sticky tape. This mounting bracket allows you to use screws and be able to remove the sensor unit if you want to change the batteries.

( The Netvox 313A door and window sensor works on a Lorawan network which is super cool)

There are a number of really great features in this R313A mounting bracket:

  • Screw holes are positioned so that if you have a large gap between the sensor and the magnet you can make up nearly 1.5″
  • The tabs for holding the sensors in the bracket are positioned so that they allow the sensor and magnet to be placed VERY close together.

There are a few things to know about these mounting brackets for the R313A Door and Window Sensor for IOT and Lorawan:

  • These are not made for outdoor usage – only indoor
  • These are built by 3D printing so they are not completely smooth.
  • I’ll offer a lifetime guarantee – you ship the broken unit back to me and I’ll send you a new one.
  • They require a #4 screw – I wouldn’t use more than 1/2″.
  • Each set has the magnet and sensor holder. You are purchasing THREE sets (6 pieces total)

The sensor unit mounting bracket can likely fit the following Netvox sensors:

  • R313D-Wireless Asset Sensor for LoraWan/Helium IoT Networks
  • R313W-Wireless Water Leak Sensor for LoraWan/Helium IoT Networks
  • R311A-Wireless Door/Window Sensor for LoraWan/Helium IoT Networks
  • R311W -Wireless 2-Gang Water Leak Detector for LoraWan/Helium IoT Networks


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Weight 0.125 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in


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