Gamma Seal Lid Handle Tool for airtight bucket seal lid


This simple, lightweight, multi-color removable handle is made to perfectly slide onto the popular Gamma Seal bucket lid or Gamma2 Vittles Pet Container LIDS and make it easier to tighten and loosen them. The ribs are nice, but just not easy to get your fingers in there to loosen tight lids up.

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I designed this lid handle because the WONDERFUL, TRULY WONDERFUL (I mean it) Gamma Seal Lids and Gamma2 Vittles Lids/Pet Food Storage that you can buy all over can get too tight to loosen by hand.

There ought to be a tool or handle, but there isn’t (wasn’t is more appropriate now!).

But I made a handle to make it easier to unstick stuck Gamma Seal or Gamma2 lids! That is the kind of silliness thing I do.

This is a very simple gamma2 lid handle or wrench. It fits over the neat ribs in the Gamma Seal bucket Lid and now you can turn the lid far more easily.

You might also call this:

  • Gamma Seal Lid Tool
  • Gamma Seal Lid Wrench
  • Airtight Bucket Lid Wrench
  • 5 gallon bucket accessory
  • 5 gallon plastic pail accessory
  • plastic bucket accessory
  • Gamma2 Pet Food Vittles Lid Handle
  • Handgrabber for the Gamma Seal Lid for Buckets

As an added feature, if you need more lids, you can just scan the QR code I put on the handle so that you don’t have to bookmark anything. Scan right at “the point of need” when you are thinking of it!

Built 100% in USA. Made in America! Made in Texas to be exact. I make this on a special manufacturing process – otherwise this product wouldn’t exist at all – that allows me to make highly customized small batches. I can do big orders too. As part of my manufacturing process, there may be occasional rough edges – but that won’t affect opening and closing the bucket lids!

Now that Gamma Seal bucket lid handle is truly HANDY!

If you don’t want to buy it from my web site here you can buy from Amazon or eBay:

You can buy Gamma Lids here:

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Weight 0.45 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 2 in



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