August Keypad Cover for August Smart Keypads


This August Keypad Cover provides your somewhat fragile August Smart Keypad extra protection from the elements while drawing your guests attention to the keypad during that ever-so-fragile FIRST MOMENTS when your short term rental impresses or frustrates guests!




This August keypad cover is designed to reduce your August Smart Keypad’s exposure to the elements. At the same time, it is meant to DRAW ATTENTION to the keypad so that your guests do not struggle to find the keypad or even be frustrated by needing two hands.

Sold in black – but other colors are possible by going to the contact page and describing what you need.

There are a number of subtle but nice features:

  • Keypad mounts on this August keypad cover are to reduce possible channels for water with any other mounting
  • Open design – reduces frustration – allows guests easier finding
  • Big roof – it would take quite a storm to get under the roof (Yikes!)
  • Extra mini-roof over the keypad for added protection
  • Big sides and smaller sides – to yet provide more protection from the elements
  • Removal tab cut out so you can remove the unit to replace the batteries.
  • Mounting holes for easy mounting – you don’t need to use all of them – the August keypad cover is very light weight!
  • INCLUDED: two small screws that are easier to use than the included August screws which are too long.
  • INCLUDED: Two really cool Truss head screws for fastening to your house. Don’t need to be too tight! Overtightening could break the plastic!


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