Big Leash Holder for Wall Mount for Fitting Under Light Switch Cover Wall Plate


Install a leash hanger for your dog right on the light switch cover in the main entry way. No new holes. No new drilling. No difficult installation!

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This tough leash holder for wall mount puts the dog leash on a BIG STRONG hook exactly where you need the leash – right by the door! No more looking for the leash before you leave your house.

In 99.99% of all dwellings in the USA, a light switch is at the entry door. that would be a perfect place to keep a leash hanger for wall . Now you can have a big handy dog leash hook near the door.

Better yet, if you could wall mount the dog leash hook underneath the light switch cover plate, you save space and don’t have to drill any new holes or hurt your walls. Even better, this is a great light switch cover idea that doesn’t even have to replace your light switch cover wall plate.

That is what this leash holder wall mount with a big hook does. It mounts underneath the light switch cover easily and optimizes part of the house by using un-utilized space. it holds big leashes – not a teeny tiny hook like most leash hooks.

steps to install:

remove the light switch cover wall plate
place the leash holder wall mount bracket over the light switches
replace the light switch cover wall plate – the hardest part is aligning the screws
don’t tighten the light switch cover screws too tight – just enough so that the light switch cover plate doesn’t wiggle.

This “leash holder for wall mounting underneath light switch cover plate” design universally fits the different size of wall plates: regular, medium, jumbo. no need to worry about measuring!
The big wall mount leash hook is very strong – easily holding 3-4 pounds – however, your light switch cannot
so i recommend only about 1 pounds, maybe 2 as a maximum.
I offer a “make it fit” guarantee. if you have the number of switches correct, but for some reason it won’t fit, i’ll help you fix it. note – i can’t fix a problem where the switch is mounted incorrectly. properly mounted switches are flush to the wall.

Where to buy a dog leash holder like this one:

You can buy the dog leash holder right here on this site.

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You can also buy from eBay – a dog leash holder for wall eBay

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