Nice review by a user who applied secure bar holders for tropical storm protection

I love good reviews. They are really hard to get. This user applied his bar holders to protect his shutters from tropical storms. I have an explanation of how you can use secure bar holders for hurricane protection for your shutters, windows and doors. Here is the review for which I could not be more [...]

When fully cured, the powder coat is tough as nails accidentally sent out a "not fully cured" powder coated kit recently. We knew the kit was different, but we thought it was because of an inventory change from wet coat (standard painting) to powder coat. We thought it was old wet coat inventory. But it wasn't. We didn't cure the powder long enough. Now [...]

Using the 2×4 Open Bar Holders for Hurricane Window Protection

One of the really neat thing that the 2x4 Open Bar Holders can be used for is to secure your windows and doors against hurricanes and tropical storms constant unrelenting winds. It turns out that the vibration from the sustained winds can vibrate holder boards out of almost any situation. But the unique holes in [...]

Really nice reviews over on eBay for my 2×4 Secure Bar Holder Kit

One lady said I need to make better instructions. Fair. I admit it. I like USEFUL/ACTIONABLE feedback. But she also gave a nice rating and a balanced review as well. It makes a guy feel nice knowing that when you create something that people can appreciate it. Truth be known it is sort of your [...]