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2x4 secure bar holder galvanized steel kit showing installation with padlock on shed

One of the key features of the secure 2×4 bar holder is that it is easy to install.

My original idea was to just make 2×4 bar holders that were BETTER than than the usual 2×4 bar holders from Lowes or Home Depot – mostly due to fitting on a 2×4 instead of requiring a 2×8.

I also didn’t like the fact that 2 door sheds required TWO sets of hardware – one to hold one door fixed/closed and the other hardware set to latch to the fixed door. Too complex.

It is so refreshing to find customers that get it: Simplicity!

Check out this great 4-star review.

great rating for 2x4 secure bar holders
 closeup of secure 2x4 bar holder used to secure a garden shed
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