A review that talks about how easy the secure bar holder kit is to install!

Some reviewers type a lot. Some a little bit less. This review from another channel where I sell the secure bar holders says it all in a single word! EASY! They got the entire point. The 2×4 secure bar holders are just easier to install, easier to maintain, and easier to be more secure with […]

Bear Proof Garbage Can Storage Container Using Secure Bar Holder Locks

One customer bought and installed the secure 2×4 Bar holder kit to keep the bears out of his garbage! I had the great privilege of seeing a mama bear work very hard on a small shed designed to store garbage cans for an apartment complex. After watching that bear, I can offer a few suggestions […]

Nice review by a user who applied secure bar holders for tropical storm protection

I love good reviews. They are really hard to get. This user applied his bar holders to protect his shutters from tropical storms. I have an explanation of how you can use secure bar holders for hurricane protection for your shutters, windows and doors. Here is the review for which I could not be more […]

When fully cured, the securebarholder.com powder coat is tough as nails

Securebarholder.com accidentally sent out a “not fully cured” powder coated kit recently. We knew the kit was different, but we thought it was because of an inventory change from wet coat (standard painting) to powder coat. We thought it was old wet coat inventory. But it wasn’t. We didn’t cure the powder long enough. Now […]